See how our patients benefit from our specialized healthcare services

Fast access to the doctor

Focus on my ongoing health issues

Well worth the cost, time spent {with doctor) can not be duplicated in a regular doctor’s office

Great staff that follow-up on medications and my concerns

You always return our calls and make sure we are okay

I have been able to get other tests done that are not covered by my insurance and find out what is going on with my body

I have been to many doctors. Your bedside manner and thorough review of my records is unprecedented. I am thankful for your professionalism and attention to my issues.

Time is important to me, my appointments are scheduled and the Doctor is waiting for me. Not rushed everything is explained in depth, I love the Physical. Plus an added Bonus the Care and Service provided by Dr Bill to my Family and Friends from Out of Town

This Service reminds me of Old School Medicine where you’re Doctor knows you, cares about you and more importantly has Time for you. The service that’s pre-dates the New Insurance Model of Health Care: Take A Pill when you run out, call and I will prescribe some more.

Your MD is perfect for anyone whose health is a Priority.

It is great, it has got me back on track with my health issues

Prevention is the most important aspect knowing my Family History. I’m healthy and wish to stay that way Quality and Longevity of Life is important to me.


Concierge Medicine/LA an excellent choice for individuals seeking more personalized medical care.

The presidential physical makes each patient feel like the leader of the free world.

The blue-chip checkup.

Concierge Medicine/LA is creating a new meaning for medical care.

The ultimate in personalized healthcare.

A VIP Medical Practice Designed to Offer 'The Best of The Best' Care.

A premier offering the presidential physical.

Medicine wrapped in luxury.

Patients’ Feedback

Hear what our patients have to say

BC: I have been a patient of Dr. Pierce for several years. My entire family is taken care of by Dr. Pierce and staff. The most significant benefit to me is the time saved and the convenience of having direct access to a doctor. I don’t have to wait for 3 hours in a waiting room and I can actually speak with Dr. Pierce if I have a question. The time alone that he saves for our family pays for his services many times over.

AS: My healthcare is in complete control. Dr. Pierce always spends as much time as needed to make sure I understand the issue and together we make decision to address my health problem

TG: Having access to a great doctor when you most need it.

BC: I get lots of great information on nutrition, it’s my fault for not following it, although Ihave made some progress.
The focus on prevention for us is key. Each year, an extensive annual exam is offered, including bloodwork. This allows us to know about an underlying issue before it manifests itself as a problem. It is literally priceless. Dr. Pierce also sends labs to a facility that gives excellent cash prices. Even though I have standard health insurance, I treat it as a catastrophic safety net, and instead use Dr. Pierce’s handy referrals and go as a self pay patient. Again, the time savings pays for itself.

AS: I have been in the healthcare business for many years and I have not seen the detailed approach Dr. Pierce takes, such as the blood test he takes to make sure we are not missing nutrients and if we are he provides guidance.

TG: I think nutrition is the foundation of wellness, disease prevention, and health management. It’s nice to be with a doctor who takes the whole picture into account rather than seeing you for five minutes and then writing a prescription. Dr. Pierce treats the whole patient, not an isolated symptom.

BC: Yes, nearly all of YourMD’s services differ from traditional, insurance-based medicine. Dr. Pierce knows your name, he knows your history, and you see the same person instead of a variety of people who had no time to look in your file because they are running on insurance rules. Instead of waiting for a problem to show up, Dr. Pierce takes a proactive approach with annual exams and actual face time with a physician. I have never had any wait time for an appointment for myself, or for any member of my family. He responds within 24 hours in almost all cases. This is completely unheard of in today’s insurance-based medicine.

TG: I didn’t surprise me, because that was what I was searching for, but involvement, access, comprehensive care, as well as referrals when needed are what we get with Dr. Pierce.


[accordion title="Would you recommend YourMD to friends and family?"]

AS: Yes for the reasons in 1 and 2. Also the patient has access to Dr. Pierce via phone, text, e mail to address the patient's needs. Care is provided within 24 hours.

TG: I would recommend Dr. Pierce without reservation to anyone who cares about taking good care of themselves and wants to be proactive about getting and staying healthy.

BC: I can’t think of anything we don’t already have.

AS: No

TG: It suits our needs perfectly. A great doctor who is always eager to help us be well.

BC: Yes. As a patient, parent, and business owner, I cannot praise Dr. Pierce and his staff enough. We have been with him for several years and the time he dedicates to us never wanes. He is always there to answer questions and share his broad base of knowledge. He is always proactive when others would instead be reactive. His services are literally priceless and life saving. You will not find the profit driven corporate environment of modern day medical offices at YourMD. Instead, you will get to see a doctor who knows your name and who you can trust to know your record. It is how medicine must have been decades ago when it was about patient and physician relationships, rather than profits and insurance. I highly recommend Dr. Pierce and YourMD without hesitation. It will pay for itself many times over and you will be thrilled with the service.

AS: Besides the note in 4 Dr. Pierce is extremely knowledgeable which makes it possible to provide care that another physician may refer you to a specialist wasting more time and spending more money.
Dr. Pierce also provides an extremely detailed annual check up which is rarely offered by other physicians. I feel totally confident that .y health is in good hands.

TG: A great doctor is your best partner in having the best possible quality of life.