Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions about preventative, personalized healthcare are answered here

A: Patient volume, as often required by these plans, interferes with quality care. In addition, we believe that medical treatments should be based on patient-doctor decisions, and not whether a plan will pay for the recommended treatment or prohibit the top specialists, hospitals, or medicines for the best treatment.

A: Since YourMD is not a member of an insurance plan, there is no mandate to see a high volume of patients. As a result, each physician typically spends an hour or more with new patients and up to a half hour for regular follow-ups and/or when patients require treatment. Overall, YourMD physicians spend as much time with the patient as their conditions warrant.

A: Our practice always stays up to date on the latest advancements, treatments, and preventative methods. In fact, we often assess these advancements before large healthcare providers with expansive bureaucracies have approved a new treatment.

A: Annual physicals provide a baseline health assessment that can be used as a comparison to any condition or change throughout the year. Similarly, an optional nutrition assessment can lead to recommended dietary changes to ensure a healthier life. Better nutrition is one of the most important steps to health and wellness. Combined, these assessments provide your doctor with an overall picture of your health, enabling him or her to track positive or negative changes to your health. In addition, these tests can be used to screen against many silent diseases that do not necessarily have any detectable symptoms.

A: With the advancements in modern medicine, it is easier than ever to provide medical assessments that may be used in the early indication of a medical problem or suggest the need for a general positive lifestyle change. With rare exceptions, the common health care model waits for patients to develop a problem before seeking medical attention.

A: YourMD is able to refer you to the best doctors, regardless of their affiliated hospital, location, or insurance provider. Referrals are handled as quickly as possible, usually setting appointments within 48 hours.

A: When such symptoms occur, it may be the onset of a common cold. While not all cold sufferers need an office visit, a conversation with their physician can determine whether one is necessary. If there is reason to suspect a more serious illness, a visit may be scheduled, if needed. Prescriptions will be faxed to pharmacy of your choosing, when appropriate.

A: These are all very common, and Your MD will assess and begin treatment with assistance from the best orthopedists, chiropractors, sports medicine doctors, and physical therapists available.

A: With the exception of in-home patients, YourMD does not make house calls due to the costs and liabilities associated with this service. However, existing patients may make inquiries on the internet or call for preliminary medical consultation.

A: Yes. Personal Care Plan patients may schedule an appointment. Other plan members may be eligible for flu shots provided in the office. Tetanus shots, when needed, will be provided in the office.

A: YourMD provides health coverage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which means you can call any time. Patients will receive medical information, and may even receive a direct call back from their doctor or a registered nurse.

A: Non-Medicare patients can submit charges to their insurance. We use an outside service to compile billing codes and there is a fee associated with that service. inquire for more details.