What is YourMD?


YourMD is a Custom Care Program based on a proactive and preventative approach to managing your health,
keeping you well and enjoying a healthier more fulfilling life.



How is YourMD different?


YourMD is Custom Care – which means we specifically tailor a program for you based on your healthcare needs and goals – A Custom Care “Road Map” to create optimal health.  As a practice with a limited number of patients, YourMD is able to spend more time with you talking about what’s going on with you - no more waiting rooms or feeling rushed.  And because YourMD is non-insurance based, you and your doctor work together in partnership to set a course for your care without the limitations imposed by traditional health insurance plans.



What’s Covered?

It all starts with “The Baseline” - an Annual Comprehensive Physical Exam and Evaluation:




What Else is Included?

A total of 10 Appointments ( Note: Comprehensive Physical & Follow-up Count as One
Disease MonitoringSkin Cancer ScreeningStitches and Removal
Wound CareSkin Tag/Lesion RemovalFlu Testing/Flu
Strep Throat TestingOxygen Level TestingVitamin B12
Kenalog Allergy InjectionsBlood Sugar TestingBreathing Treatments
Urine Pregnancy TestingWeight ManagementSports Physicals
Preventative Medicine ConsultationTravel Medicine 
Adult Preventative Immunizations: Influenza, Pneumonia Vaccines, Tetanus Booster



The Perks – Valued Benefits of YourMD









Peace of Mind





The “Niceties”



YourMD - The Cost


Annual retainer fee is $2200 for the first family member; $1800 for a spouse; $1500 for the first child and $500 for additional children (this year).  The fee can be paid in full or in semi-annual or quarterly installments. (Installment payments are subject to a $50.00 fee, per installment)



What if I have Insurance – How does it work?


Your insurance will come into play to cover costs outside what is included in the annual YourMD retainer fee.

For example: X-rays, blood work (additional to Comprehensive Physical or patient specific), seeing a specialist, hospital stay, etc.

Please note, YourMD does not take the place of traditional insurance.  If you do not have traditional insurance, we highly recommend an individual policy or catastrophic care policy to financially safe guard you and your family in the event of a hospitalization, surgery, etc.  Please let us know if you have questions or would like a recommendation on whom to contact for this information.



Can I meet the Doctor?


Absolutely, it’s the first step in setting a foundation for a successful Doctor-Patient relationship and partnership in your healthcare.  We are happy to set a 20 minute meet and greet appointment for you to speak with Dr. Pierce – please call our office to schedule.  We suggest you start a list of what’s important to you in choosing a doctor and questions that pertain to your health.



What’s Next?


Well, if you like the idea of seeing your doctor at every appointment and not feeling rushed, no waiting rooms, actually being able speak to your doctor after hours and on the weekend, and a proactive - preventative approach to keeping you well - you might be a great candidate for YourMD. 

Give us a call, tell us what's most important to you, and together we'll see if YourMD is a good choice for you and your life.  We are available Monday – Friday, from 9am – 5pm at 702-648-9998.

Note: Dr. S. William Pierce, M.D., FAAFP, Board Certified, Family Medicine
Dr. Pierce is an Advocate of Patient-Centered Healthcare with no insurance company limitations.

“Fast access to the doctor”

- BW, age 67